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Exciting Updates on AnkerMake Software

  • 2 min read

Exciting Updates on AnkerMake Software

Heyfellow makers,
We know you've been waiting for this, and we're happy to introduce new updates to the firmware, AnkerMake Slicer, and AnkerMakeApp coming this week.

AI Detection Changes

The main thing you'll notice is more accurate error detection, reducing wasted time and filament.
Previously, theAI camera compared every layer of the print with the original file and alerted you if the layers were below standard. Now, the AI camera checks successive layers and only sends an alert if multiple layers are below standard.
In addition, you'll notice atoggle and sensitivity setting that you can adjust. You can also choose if you want your3D printer to pause when an error is detected.
Check out specific updates here:

Firmware and App

  • AI CameraToggle
  • Sensitivity Setting
  • Option to Pause Prints


firmware and app 1

firmware and app 2

Upgraded Support

When something's not right or too tough to figure out, we're here to help. We've made it easier to access our support center via the firmware,app, and slicer. You can browse for content like:
  • How-to-videos
  • FAQs
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Repair videos/instructions
Specific updates include:

Firmware and App

  • Notifications now include aQR code you can scan with the AnkerMakeApp to identify a detailed cause and solution.
  • You'll see solutions when an error occurs, so you're easily linked to support content.

firmware and app 3

  • There's a nozzle replacement guide to help you switch out your nozzle and avoid damage caused by incorrect repairs. Access in the Control menu.

firmware and app 4


  • You can now directly submit logs to us via Log Upload. Access in the Help menu.

slicer 1

  • Have something on your mind? Now you can let us know anytime via the new feedback feature.

New Features and Optimizations


  • Keep your hands free and ask Amazon Alexa to check on your printer status with your voice.

ankermake app

  • Timelapses are now default set to off to protect your privacy. You can turn on the feature manually when you want to record.
  • You can now adjust printer speed through theapp.
  • We optimized the model preview to make it easier to view files.


  • The hotend automatically moves during extrusion and pre-heating to better protect you from injury.


  • We've made it easier to adjust the view so you can have a better experience using the slicer.

slicer 2

  • When you upgrade, you'll see a "What's New" list to see what changes are being made.
  • Icons modified for consistency.

Bug Fixes


  • The Wi-Fi should now automatically reconnect after disconnecting.
  • The temperature will no longer drop after you start extruding.
  • Theapp should now be synced with the firmware regarding the pre-heating status.


  • Fixed user login issues.


  • Files with duplicate names can now be opened if a crash occurs.
  • Flash drives can now be properly read when viewing them.

What's Next?

The AnkerMake team is working non-stop to continue improving your3D printing experience. We plan to add an automatic arrangement for slicing files, real-time video streaming, shortcuts, an undo button, and a redo button.
When we're further along in the process, we'll let you know how they're going. In the meantime...
Keep Making,
The AnkerMake Team