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AnkerMake Ambassador Plan: Join the Community and Win Rewards!

  • 2 min read

AnkerMake Ambassador Plan: Join the Community and Win Rewards!

Hey Fellow Makers,

We're thrilled to announce our brand new Ambassador Plan, designed to celebrate your creativity and passion for 3D printing.

Become an AnkerMake Ambassadorfor yourchance toearnexciting rewards while sharing your experience with the world.


We're inviting you to become an AnkerMake Ambassador by creating and sharing high-quality videos or pictures of your AnkerMake 3D printing journey.


Get ready to dive into a world of inspiration and creativity with the following ideas to get you started:

  • Tips and Tricks: Share your best practices, hacks, and tips for successful 3D printing.

  • Showcase the Printing Process: Create speedy timelapse videos or captivating visuals to demonstrate the step-by-step process of 3D printing.

  • Personal Experiences: Share your own stories, challenges, and triumphs in the world of 3D printing, encouraging other people to do the same.

  • 3D Printing Projects: Feature and highlight exciting projects that can be accomplished with 3D printing, providing inspiration and guidance.

  • Or just ask some questions and share any other 3D printing-related content you find interesting or unique!


Don't forget to include the following in your posts:

  • Hashtag: #AnkerMake

  • Tag us @AnkerMake



As an official AnkerMake Ambassador, you'll enjoy additional benefits:

  • Your posts may be reposted and boosted by our official account, increasing their visibility.

  • You can participate in our monthly lucky draw for a chance to win free gifts. Each month, 10 lucky winners will receive 1 filament each...for FREE!


Special Bonus:

For those who share their videos on TikTok, we have an extra treat for you:

  • Reach 1,000-5,000 views, and you'll receive one free filament.

  • Reach 5,000-10,000 views, and you'll be rewarded with two free filaments.

  • Exceed 10,000 views, and you'll receive a $100 AnkerMake voucher!


It really is that simple!

Step 1: Create a video showcasing your creation.

Step 2: Post it to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube), and make sure to tag our official account @AnkerMake and use #AnkerMake.

Step 3: Get rewarded!


Winner Announcements

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to see winner announcements, as we'll tag you if you win. Once you see the announcement, please direct message us.


Join the AnkerMake Ambassador Plan today, and let your creativity shine! Together, we can inspire and uplift the 3D printing community. Stay tuned for further updates and let's #AnkerMakeCreate amazing things together!


Keep Making,

The AnkerMake Team