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Unveiling the Shipping Plan and Other Updates

  • 3 min read

Unveiling the Shipping Plan and Other Updates

HeyKickstarter backers,

Hold on tight! We're pretty sure you're going to like this update 😉


When Will M5 Ship?

This week 🥳 In fact, your printer might be being manufactured at this second!

We developed an updated mass production plan in coordination with our factory and suppliers. This is what they can handle given thatChina's week-long national holiday is approaching.

Checkout the table to get an idea of when your M5 will arrive.



The actual arrival time depends on local suppliers, weather, and other factors. Be assured that we're doing our best to get M5 to your homeASAP. You can check this list to find the local delivery service for your area.



Do note that you may experience a shipping delay if you didn't fill in your address in the Pledge Box Survey.Local suppliers may also be different upon delivery.If you need help, email us

Also note that because Christmas is only 3 months away, you can contact us if you want us to delay your delivery to make it more of a holiday surprise 🎁


M5 Progress

AnkerMake App

  1. G-Code Preview: When selecting the G-Code file, you'll now see an image along with the file name, so you know exactly what you're printing.
  2. New iOS Added: iOS 16 is now compatible. We're working on Android 13 next!
  3. Real-Time Video Fix: You should be able to click and get real-time video to activate now.

    AnkerMake Slicer

      1. Software Improvements:

    • Fixed a printer control error that caused the software to abruptly close.
    • You can now see USB files when printing remotely.
    • Optimized large file transfers when printing remotely.

      2. G-Code Improvements:

    • Stopped many temporary files being created while running the Slicer. Specifically, we targeted the generation and exit code of G-Code files.
    • The rotation sensitivity was adjusted for G-Code previews so you can easily see your models while you're browsing.

      3. Engine Improvements: We updated M5 parameters, such as travel speed and wall line width, to make printing faster and print quality smoother.

      4. Path Optimization: We improve the Slicer path algorithm to make printing even faster. Here's the progress we've made:


      1. Added Notifications: Now, you'll be able to know instantly when there's something wrong with data transfers or the temperature so you can solve the issue immediately.
      2. Improved Camera Calibration: We've updated the interface to make it easier to adjust the angle of your camera. In the future, we'll add an automatic calibration function to improve AI recognition even more.
      3. Firmware Updates After Powering On: No more worrying about firmware updates not completing. If M5 accidentally gets turned off while upgrading, the update will automatically resume after you turn M5 back on.
      4. New Functions Added: You can now activate or deactivate the fill light whenever you want. In addition, you can control the quality of real-time view to ensure the stream never lags.

        That's All for Now

        Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about M5. We love adding your suggestions to the3D printer so you get the mostout of your prints!

        Next week, we've got a big announcement to make about V6. Check back then!

        Keep making,


        The AnkerMake Team