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Update on M5 Progress and IFA Debut

  • 2 min read

Update on M5 Progress and IFA Debut

Hey AnkerMake fans,
We're hard at work getting M5 ready to ship to your home. Here's the progress we've made in just a few days, plus a bonus from AnkerMake M5's first public showing.



AnkerMake App

  1. LED Control:For makers who like to create in the dark, you can now control the printer LED with just a simple tap on the AnkerMake app and check the printer status in real time.
  2. Video Quality Choices: Decide the quality of your real-time video based on your network. You can choose between standard or HD to really check out the details on your model.
  3. Feedback Function:We want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with us. Give feedback anytime via the "Me" tab, so we can make it right.
  4. OptimizedUser Interface:We rounded the corners and enlarged the clickable area of buttons to make your experience easier, so you can focus on your 3D creations.


AnkerMake Slicer

  1. Merged Preview Window: Thanks to your suggestions, we've merged the Slicer preview window with the slicing window to enhance your experience.
  2. Debugging Process: We're working on solutions for recent pop-up crashes and account log-in errors.


  1. Improved File Recognition:We expanded the scope of G-code checking to increase recognition rates and decrease file errors. Specifically, we added end G-code and M commands, as well as a G command to check for items.
  2. Bug Fixes:We solved Wi-Fi issues to improve communication with the AnkerMake app.


    M5's First Public Appearance at IFA

    IFA is one of the world's biggest trade shows, and we were in Berlin showing off M5 in its first public appearance. Thousands stopped by to take a look, and we made quite the impression with the media.
    If you understand German, checkout this article fromComputerBase, which praised M5's ability to print without stringing. Or if you want theTLDR version, take a look at this tweet from Lance Ulanoff, a tech reporter for Medium.
    Lance is right—M5 is a showstopper!

    Check Out the Photos

    We had a great time meeting with everyone who stopped by. Here's a look at some of the fun captured on camera.


    That's All For Now

    Let us know what you're going to print first. We can't wait to see the results!
    Keep making,
    The AnkerMake Team