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Introducing AnkerMake's New PLA+ Filaments

  • 3 min read
We're always looking for new ways to help you take your 3D prints to the next level. Now, with this range of thrilling new filaments, you'll have more options than ever to make all your ideas a reality.

AnkerMake PLA+ Glitter - For Prints that Sparkle

Add some razzle-dazzle to your 3D prints with AnkerMake's PLA+ Glitter filaments. These unique filaments feature glitter particles embedded within the filament, resulting in a shimmering, glittery surface finish.
Available in a range of striking colors including Black Glitter, Red Glitter, and Blue Glitter. Whether it's decorative items, holiday-themed prints, or imaginative crafts, AnkerMake's PLA+ Glitter filaments will add that extra sparkle you've been looking for.
If you're planning to create eye-catching decorative items, AnkerMake's PLA+ Glitter filament in Glitter Red is an excellent choice. Think shiny holiday ornaments, dazzling jewelry, or, in this case, a mesmerizing jack o' lantern.
Filament Type: AnkerMake PLA+ Glitter
Color: Glitter Red
Model: Jack o' Lantern from Makies on Thingiverse
The Selection Process:
Purpose: Start by defining the purpose of your print. In this case, Glitter filament is all about adding a dash of pizzazz to your creations.
Color: Glitter Red brings a vibrant and festive vibe to your project.

AnkerMake PLA+ Silk - Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Prints

With a luxurious silky texture and a glossy, smooth surface finish, AnkerMake PLA+ Silk will make your creations look and feel truly exquisite.
Available in three captivating colors—Silk Black, Silk Gold, and Silk Silver—AnkerMake's PLA+ Silk filaments bring sophistication to your projects. Whether you are crafting figures, decorative items, or anything in between, these filaments are your gateway to achieving a premium finish.

AnkerMake PLA+ Matte - The Professional Choice

For those seeking a more professional look, this is the one for you. These filaments are designed to offer a matte texture that delivers a smooth, professional surface finish.
Choose from an array of elegant colors, including Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Gray, Matte Warm Gray, Matte Kraft, Matte Terracotta, Matte Olive Green, and Matte Navy. The versatility of these colors makes them ideal for architectural models, prototypes, or any project where a refined appearance is paramount.
In the world of 3D printing, appearances matter. If you're after a professional, refined finish, you can't go wrong with AnkerMake's PLA+ Matte filament. The matte texture helps to conceal those pesky layer lines, elevates your projects to a whole new level of sophistication, and it's also a breeze to paint.
Filament Type: AnkerMake PLA+ Matte
Color: Matte Navy Blue
Model: Business Card Holder from DDeGonge888 on Thingiverse
The Selection Process:
Purpose: Identify where your print will shine the brightest. Matte filament excels in professional settings, like this business card holder project. Matte filament is also an excellent choice for models that you want to hand paint, as the matte surface helps the paint stick to the model, making it a great choice for cosplay pieces.
Color: We went with Matte Navy Blue for its elegance and professionalism.

Expanding the PLA+ Palette

We're not just introducing new types of filaments, we're are also expanding our existing PLA+ lineup with a vibrant array of colors. Joining the ranks are Orange, Pink, Purple, and the long-awaited signature AnkerMake Green. These additions ensure that you have an even wider spectrum of options to bring your ideas to life.
Sometimes, you need a versatile, reliable option for your 3D prints. AnkerMake's PLA+ filament is just that. It's your go-to choice for a wide range of projects, from functional prints to colorful creations.
Filament Type: AnkerMake PLA+
Color: AnkerMake Green
Model: Replacement part for AnkerMake M5 (available on the AnkerMake support website)
The Selection Process:
Purpose: PLA+ is versatile, making it perfect for a variety of applications.
Color: AnkerMake Green, as it matches the color of the replacement part for the printer.
Performance and Sustainability
Our commitment to quality is evident not only in the aesthetics of our filaments but also in their performance. All PLA+ filaments are designed to make your printing process faster or more efficient. Plus, they are AnkerMake Speed Lab certified, a validation earned through over 12 months of rigorous high-demand printing tests. All of our filaments are also crafted from non-toxic biomaterials extracted from corn.
Whether you're looking for a touch of elegance, a professional matte finish, or a glamorous look, AnkerMake has something for every 3D printing enthusiast. Gear up for a new level of creativity and let your imagination run wild with AnkerMake's latest filaments. Your 3D printing journey just got a whole lot more exciting!
AnkerMake's diverse range of PLA+ filaments ensures that you can confidently embark on your 3D printing journey, knowing that you can find the perfect option for any project. So get out there and start making!