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AnkerMake Smiles: Spreading Joy This Christmas

  • 2 min read
In the spirit of giving, we here at AnkerMake are delighted to launch the AnkerMakeSmilesCampaign, anew initiative of giving back to the community, now and in the future.This year, we teamed up with3D printing enthusiastDylan Bowen for the 3D Printed Toys for Tots campaign, a collaborative effort aimed at spreading joy to children in need by providing them with 3D-printed toys.With AnkerMake's M53D printers and high-quality AnkerMakePLA+ filament, Dylan broughtto life648 toys, showcasing the power technologyhas when usedfor a good cause.


The Collaboration:
AnkerMake provided Dylan with three AnkerMake M53D printers and 16kg of AnkerMakePLA+ filament. Thislet Dylanproduce toys that were vibrant and visuallyappealing, but also durable and safe for children.
SpreadingSmiles Through Creativity:
After harnessing the power of Anker M53D printers, Dylan donated the toys to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.Using a variety of captivating3D models, including Zou3D's Dinosaur, Octopus, Dolphin, and Unicorn, Dylan's creationshelped spread some holiday cheerto the children at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.
"Using the M5s provided by AnkerMake made reaching my goal of donating toys to the children's hospital a complete success far more than imagined. The ability to control all the printers right from the AnkerMake app and view prints is wonderful. Not to mention, theAI camera has saved the M5s from several first-layer issues. I am thoroughly impressed by the M5s and what they can do."
- Dylan Bowen

Dylan's Personal Mission:
"I'm a father of 2 in East Iowa. Growing up, I was very fortunate to have great Christmases. After learning how to3D print, I've made it my goal to try and make sure every kid can have a wonderful Christmas!"
Our Mission:
AnkerMake's collaboration with Dylan for the3D Printed Toys for Tots campaign exemplifies the positive impact that technology and community-driven initiatives can have.We'd like to thank Dylan for his hard work and dedication to spreading joy this holiday season, and we'll continue to empower people with our technology to create meaningful change in the future.
Happy Holidays!