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Make It Real: The Ultimate 3D Model Creation Platform

  • 3 min read
Are you looking for a user-friendly and easy-to-use 3D model creation platform? Look no further than Make It Real by AnkerMake! Make it Real offers a wide range of features that make it easy to create, share, and print quality 3D models.

3D Paint: Turning2D ImagesInto Vibrant 3D Creations

Unleash your inner artist and experience Make It Real's groundbreaking 3D Paint feature. Picture this: you can now effortlessly convert your favorite 2D images into captivating, three-dimensional masterpieces, which can then be brought to life in brilliant, full-color detail.

Unlock a World of Imagination

The beauty of 3D Paint lies in its limitless potential. Whether you're a seasoned 2D artist eager to explore new horizons or just someone wanting to bring a cherished image to life, this feature is your creative canvas. With it, you can effortlessly bring your favorite artwork into the 3D realm, adding an entirely new dimension that brings your creations to life in ways you might never have imagined. Unlock your true artistic potential with the many tools Make It Real has developed to make 3D printing accessible to all.

Gifts That Tell a Story

Looking for the perfect, unique gift that truly speaks to the heart? 3D Paint offers an ideal solution. Instead of presenting a conventional framed picture, why not surprise your friends and family with a 3D-printed masterpiece that encapsulates a cherished memory or moment? These one-of-a-kind creations possess an enduring quality that ensures they'll be treasured for years to come.

Custom Home Decor

Imagine turning your favorite paintings or illustrations into 3D wall art. With 3D Paint, you can breathe life into your art and create a stunning gallery right in your home. Transform your living space with vibrant, personalized decor that reflects your unique style and creative spirit.

Printed by Jason Freeman

Custom Merchandise

For businesses and entrepreneurs, 3D Paint offers the opportunity to create unique, custom merchandise. Convert your logo, branding, or exclusive designs into 3D items such as keychains. This not only sets your merchandise apart but also creates a deeper connection with your customers.

Pro Tips for Success

For those looking to make the most of the 3D Paint feature, here are some top tips:
  • High Contrast and Clarity: Images with greater contrast and clarity tend to produce more impressive results.
  • Color Control: 3D Paint can generate STLs with up to six color changes, so it's wise to limit the range of colors in your image to optimize the final outcome.
  • Monochromatic Enhancement: If your image lacks detail in the preview STL, consider converting it to monochromatic to enhance the overall result.
  • Optimal Viewing: To truly appreciate the intricate details, view 3D Paint prints directly and from a minimum distance of 2 meters.
  • Dry Filament: When working on intricate and detailed images, ensure that your filament is as dry as possible to prevent fine stringing, which can diminish the overall effect.
  • Purge Between Colors: When transitioning to a new color filament, remember to purge the existing color filament from the extruder, especially when switching from a darker to a lighter color.

Celebrate the Launch with Exclusive Offers

From November 10th to 19th, 2023, when you print a model using 3D Paint and share it on our Discord channel, you'll receive an exclusive 30% off filament discount coupon. This coupon can be used when you purchase 2 or more filaments.
So, why wait? Join the community, sign up today, and start your journey to create vibrant, stunning 3D models with Make It Real's 3D Paint feature.

CityPrint and Effortless ModelDiscovery

Why not check out some more of what Make It Real has to offer? CityPrint allows you to craft detailed STLs of city sections from a wide range of cities across Europe, Asia, and North America in your preferred size, from 18×18 cm to a whopping 2.52×1.08 m. And when it comes to finding the perfect model for you, the Search feature has you covered. It seamlessly connects you to thousands of 3D models from platforms like Thingiverse and Printables, all within the Make It Real platform. Whether creating intricate cityscapes or exploring the vast realm of 3D models, Make It Real has all the tools you need in one convenient place.