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10 Models to Print with Your Kids

  • 2 min read

10 Models to Print with Your Kids

3D printing isn't just a fun hobby, it's also a great way to work on creative projects with your kids. Here are 10 delightful and easy-to-print models that you and your kids can work on together:

  1. Animal Figurines

Print a variety of animal figurines for a fun way to teach your kids about animals. They can also play paint them and play with them.


  1. Puzzle Pieces

Create custom puzzle pieces that fit together to form a picture or shape and work together with your kids to solve the puzzle.


  1. Toy Cars

Design and print toy cars that your kids can race around the house. Customize the colors and designs to make them extra special.
  1. Plant Pots

Small plant pots are a fun way to teach your kids about gardening. Let them choose the colors and decorate the pots before planting seeds.


  1. Keychains

Create personalized keychains with your kids' names or favorite characters.


  1. Cookie Cutters

Design unique cookie cutters in fun shapes, then use them with your kids to bake cookies.


  1. Miniature Houses

Print miniature houses and create a small village. This project can turn into a long-term activity as you add more buildings and details.


  1. Spinning Tops

Print spinning tops and have a friendly competition to see whose top spins the longest. This classic toy never goes out of style.


  1. Custom Jewelry

Help your kids design and print custom jewelry pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and rings.


  1. Decorative Magnets

Create decorative magnets for the fridge, using different colors and shapes to make a collection that brightens up your kitchen.


  1. PaintingPalette

This 3D-printed palette makes it easy for your kids to paint and explore their creative side.



These fun and easy 3D printing projects are a great way to find new activities so share with the family. Get started today and make some unforgettable memories with your kids.