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Functional 3D Prints

  • 7 min read

24 Functional 3D Prints of 2023 That Really Work

Rapid advancements in technology have made 3D printing become a driver of innovation. Among them, functional 3D prints have emerged as a hot topic in the industrial and research sectors due to their boundless possibilities and practical applications. From household items to medical equipment and engineering prototypes, functional 3D prints are reshaping our perception of manufacturing. If you want to keep up with this trend as well, trying useful 3D prints in your daily life or work could be the first step. This article will provide you with the top 24 functional 3D prints and offer you some tips for printing functional 3D prints.

 Best 24 Cool Thing to Functional 3D Prints

The vases, hooks, components, and parts produced through conventional processes merely serve their intended functions. These 3D printed items, however, can change their appearance, offering increased appeal and greater adaptability for various purposes. The following 24 cool functional 3D prints are a testament.


While traditional ceramic and modern material vases are undoubtedly beautiful, it might be time-consuming to find one that perfectly suits your interior design. 3D printing a vase could be the optimal solution to this issue. And for designers, 3D printed vases can accentuate their unique tastes.


3D-printed lampshades showcase unique designs and lighting effects. You can choose different patterns, materials, and effects for light transmission based on your preferences, creating a softer or more distinctive lighting ambiance.

Wall Hooks

Imagine wall hooks shaped like Mickey Mouse, Paddington Bear, or even Thanos helping you hang your clothes. It might sound amusing, but 3D printing can make this cool functional 3D print a reality. These personalized wall hooks not only decorate your interior but also liven up the atmosphere, bringing more fun to your daily life.


Consider 3D printed planters to create different plant environments. You can customize these planters according to your preference for different plant shapes, sizes, and planting methods. 3D printed planters can help you achieve a one-of-a-kind plant display.


Jewelry is often coveted for its preciousness. 3D printed jewelry can further showcase intricate designs and unique styles, adding a touch of personal charm to your attire. Additionally, for the jewelry industry, 3D printing is a great choice, as it can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

 Art Pieces

From sculpture to drawing, 3D printed art pieces can intricately bring your creative ideas to life, adding an artistic ambiance to your home and office. What’s more, 3D printing technology enables you to explore many styles and themes of artwork, feeling the charm of the fusion of art and technology.


Looking to add some personality to your storage boxes? Give 3D-printed boxes a try. These cool functional 3D prints will come in various sizes, materials, appearances, and internal structures. Meanwhile, boxes printed with durable materials ensure longevity.

 Jars for Storage

3D-printed jars for storage can be used to store many items and food. Apart from household storage, these jars for storage can also categorize and store industrial items, enabling more efficient organization and work.

Phone Holders

If the phone holders on eBay and Amazon no longer meet your taste, consider trying 3D printed phone holders instead. Previously, separate purchases were necessary for desktop and car phone holders. But with 3D printing, you can customize a combined personalized holder, which can save money and increase practicality.

Camera Mounts

Placing your camera on a customized camera mount is sure to attract inquiries about where you got it. 3D printing truly accentuates this level of customization. You can not only choose materials, sizes, and angle designs but also print lighter camera mounts.

3D Printed Shoes

Adidas, Nike, Jordan, and other brands are great, but don't you think many people are wearing the same designs? Why not try 3D printed shoes? Design your look, create a model, and choose materials to make a pair of uniquely stylish shoes. They are a great choice for personal wear or as a gift.


Tired of purchasing different spatulas one by one? 3D printing can help you customize spatulas of various sizes and materials uniformly. They are not just suitable for cooking but can also serve as makeup tools if you're a beauty enthusiast.

Measuring Cups

From the kitchen to the laboratory, measuring cups are ubiquitous. However, with functional 3D printing, measuring cups can have finer gradations, intricate shapes, and the capability to measure hot liquids.

Watering Cans

Still using identical watering cans? Why not design your shape, customize the inlet and outlet, and make your watering can look like a little duck or chick? Moreover, 3D-printed watering cans offer the freedom to choose materials, preventing issues such as leaks and fragility.

Bottle Openers

Custom 3D-printed bottle openers can be excellent promotional giveaways for bars and restaurants. Moreover, for close friends and family, a 3D-printed bottle opener gift can hold unexpected sentimental value.


Screwdrivers are common items among functional 3D print ideas. They can be printed using lightweight and durable materials. Furthermore, 3D printing technology enables the production of intricate screwdriver designs, including personalized handles or blade shapes, to meet diverse usage scenarios.


Wrenches are also common tools for maintenance. Yet, with 3D printing, you can design them with lighter and sturdier structures to suit usage and industry needs. The customized size and shape of the wrench further enhance its adaptability for diverse mechanical tasks.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers that look alike and share similar colors may only separate items, leaving you baffled when finding something. So why not include drawer dividers in your functional 3D printing ideas? Various customized dividers can help you identify where things are placed immediately.

Cable Organizers

3D-printed cable organizers can accommodate different types and sizes of cables. Additionally, the use of lightweight and durable materials, along with personalized designs, allows for a more organized cable management system.

Pill Dispensers

Concerned about patients missing their medications and compromising their health? Use 3D printing to create a smart pill dispenser that can assist patients in better managing their medication dosage and timing.

Prosthetic Parts

Prosthetic parts are incredibly useful 3D printed objects. They can be customized to meet the unique needs and physical features of each patient, ensuring improved comfort and mobility. Besides, the swift customization and production capabilities of 3D printing can reduce patient waiting times and costs.

 Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts can be used in the manufacturing of machinery and industrial components. With the support of 3D printing technology, mechanical parts can achieve complex structures and geometries. Also, 3D printing comes with the rapid production of mechanical parts, reducing cycles and manufacturing costs.

Industrial Prototypes

3D-printed industrial prototypes enable the rapid creation of various intricate components and product models. They can be custom-designed and help engineers and designers validate and refine product designs. And 3D printing technology can expedite the product development cycle.

Cogs and Bearings

Looking to boost the efficiency and performance of your mechanical equipment? Why not try 3D printed cogs and bearings? These functional 3D prints offer personalized options for size, material, and structure. Plus, they are lighter than traditional products and can be continuously optimized to suit your needs.

Tips for Printing Functional 3D Prints

Functional 3D prints serve not only as decorations, enhancing life enjoyment, but also find applications in and contribute to specific industries. If you are considering creating useful 3D printed objects, you can refer to the 5 tips below to help streamline your 3D printing process.

  • Consider Why Customize:3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing. Choosing materials and calculating quantities beforehand can save costs. Yet, it's crucial to consider market prices when deciding to produce functional 3D prints.
  • Choose the Best 3D Printer:Choosing a 3D printer requires comprehensive research of printing needs, material usage, and budget considerations. If you occasionally require functional 3D printing, it is also a good choice to seek a 3D printing service provider.
  • Select Appropriate Printing Material:Make sure to choose durable materials that suit the printing objects, such as reinforced nylon, ABS, or PETG. Consider the strength, heat and wear resistance of the materials based on your application needs.
  • Optimize the 3D Modeling Design:Modeling should consider both aesthetics and print feasibility like structures and interlayer adhesion during the printing process. Avoid overhanging features and unstable structures.
  • Add Necessary Post-Processing:Perform post-processing after printing, such as polishing and removing supports. This not only can ensure aesthetic appeal, but improve the quality and functionality of the print.

Careful consideration and appropriate 3D printer selection are the two most crucial aspects of producing functional 3D prints. However, if you still have doubts about choosing a 3D printer, here are some extra tips. You can give AnkerMake M5 3D Printer and AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer a try. They are best for functional 3D stuff.

These two 3D printers are not only precise, capable of handling 0.1mm details accurately, but also exhibit strong stability. Their H-frame structure and 7×7 automatic leveling feature help reduce vibrations and error, avoiding reprints. What's even better, the AnkerMake M5 can achieve high-speed printing at 500mm per second. The AnkerMake M5C can be remotely controlled via a mobile device, allowing real-time monitoring of the printing progress and reducing labor costs.


3D printing is no longer confined to industrial applications but is gradually entering daily life, opening up new possibilities for obtaining goods. This article has recommended 24 of the best 3D functional prints. Hope this information can serve as a reference to you make better choices.


How do the materials used in 3D printing impact the functionality and durability of the printed objects?

3D printers are usually ideal for using thermoplastic polymers like PLA and ABS, each with unique characteristics such as strength, flexibility, and heat resistance, which will significantly influence the performance of printed objects. Meanwhile, different materials have varied post-processing requirements, and mishandling can severely affect the lifespan of the prints.

What are the best 3D printers for more functional stuff?

When selecting a 3D printer for functional parts, consider factors such as print material compatibility, build volume, print precision, reliability, and budget. Look for models like the AnkerMake M5 3D Printer or AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer, known for their versatility and quality. Assess your specific project requirements, as the best choice may vary depending on the complexity and functional needs of your parts.   

Is PLA suitable for creating functional components?

Originating from corn starch, sugarcane, and other renewable resources, Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic. Despite its advantages in low melting temperature, excellent printability, and a wide range of transparency and color options for producing functional components, it is advisable to choose materials based on the specific needs of the intended print.