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Best 3D Printers

  • 6 min read

Top 10 3D Printers in 2023: Features & Reviews

Are you looking for the best 3D printer to bring your designs and creations to life in 2023? You’re in luck, because we have scoured through hundreds of options and compiled a list of the best 3D printer on the market available this year. Whether you are an experienced engineer ready to take advantage of advanced 3D print technology or a beginner on your first venture into the world of 3D printing, this buying guide has you covered. With all that being said, let us dive in!

Top 10 3D Printers to Buy

To streamline your decision-making, here are the 10 best consumer 3D printers of 2023, each with unique features, and their price ranging from $100 to $1000, catering to diverse needs. Let’s explore them now!

Bambu Lab P1S


  • Out of the Box Simplicity
  • Multi-Color Printing Magic
  • Speed Meets Quality
  • Sync with Bambu Products

Bambu Lab P1S is one of the best professional 3D printers that is outstanding for its plug-and-play simplicity. No more tinkering or calibration hassles. It is your ticket to hassle-free, high-quality, multi-color 3D printing. It also comes fully loaded with advanced features, including an enclosed body for high-temperature filament printing, a built-in camera for remote monitoring and time-lapse, and support for a wide range of filaments. Plus, it offers an optional air filter with an activated carbon filter for odor-free printing.


Prusa Mk3S Plus


  • SuperPinda Probe Sensor
  • Power Loss Recovery
  • Slice with PrusaSlicer
  • Support Multiple Materials

Prusa Mk3S Plus boasts an array of features that make it the top-rated 3D printer. Its SuperPINDA probe ensures precise bed leveling before each print, guaranteeing flawless initial layers. The printer's quality bearings and reinforced parts enhance its durability, while the filament sensor prevents printing mishaps. Whether you're crafting prototypes, intricate designs, or simply exploring the world of 3D printing, this printer is your ideal companion.

Price: US$899.00 for Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer/ US$649.00 for Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ kit

Bambu Lab P1P


  • Perfect First Layer Each Time
  • High-Speed Printing with Acceleration
  • Vibration and Extrusion Compensation
  • Compatible with Bambu Studio/Handy

If you need to find the best home 3D printer, Bambu Lab P1P is the desired choice that enables you to personalize the side panels of the printer and even print and install their modifications with the provided 3MF files and instructions. Moreover, the P1P can be upgraded to the P1S with the Space between UPGRADE KIT, offering an enclosure and improved cooling for high-temperature filaments. With its speed, precision, and customization options, it's a valuable addition to any 3D printing setup.


Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro


  • High-Temp 3D Printing
  • Smooth Feeding for Consistency
  • Auto-Leveling Powered by CR Touch
  • Liquid Cooling Heatsink

Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro 3D Printer is a powerful and versatile machine designed to take your 3D printing projects to the next level. The spring steel PEI magnetic build plate makes the 3D printing durable and flexible. Besides, you can also explore more possibilities via the optional Creality laser hand. It is one of the best-selling 3D printers that light up your passion for 3D creation.


AnkerMake M5 3D Printer


  • New Ultra-Direct Extruder
  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Stability and Accuracy
  • Unmatched Printing Speed

As for the best 3D printers for small business, AnkerMake M5 3D Printer should be your smart choice. It boasts a lightning-fast printing speed of 500 mm/s, ensuring rapid project completions. But speed doesn't compromise detail; with a precision of 0.1 mm, it delivers finely detailed prints every time. This innovative machine further elevates the user experience with its built-in AI camera monitoring system, providing auto-created timelapses of your print jobs. Plus, with the 7×7 auto-leveling feature, achieving a perfectly balanced print bed becomes effortlessly straightforward.


Anycubic Photon Mono M5s


  • Leveling-Free Precision
  • Unprecedented Speed
  • Smart and Efficient
  • Enhanced Software

Anycubic Photon Mono M5s is the best 3D printer in the world with its groundbreaking features. This consumer-grade resin printer is making waves in the industry, thanks to its impressive 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen boasting a jaw-dropping resolution of up to 11520*5120 pixels. It's a testament to Anycubic's commitment to innovation and delivering top-tier products to 3D printing enthusiasts. Besides, you can also explore resin detection, print status detection, leveling-free, and more.


Anycubic Kobra Go


  • Flexible Spring Steel Build Plate
  • LeviQ 2.0 Auto-Leveling
  • Large Print Volume
  • Various Filament Options

As for the best-selling 3D printer for beginners, Anycubic Kobra Go is the startup one you should not miss. This fully assembled, user-friendly FDM 3D printer is designed especially for beginners, making your journey into 3D printing a breeze. Worried about power outages or running out of filament mid-print? It has you covered with power-off resuming and filament run-out detection, ensuring your projects stay on track.


Original Prusa MK4


  • High-Speed Printing
  • Perfect First Layers
  • Next-Generation Extruder
  • Exceptional Print Quality

Original Prusa MK4 3D Printer is the top 3D printer that comes with unique hardware-based safety protection systems and supports various connectivity options. It combines the reliability and safety of its predecessors with high-speed performance, thanks to Input Shaper support. With features like automatic first-layer calibration using the Loadcell sensor, remote printing, quick-swap nozzles, customizable UI with one-click printing, and more, the MK4 is a powerhouse of innovation.


AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer


  • 500 mm/s High-Speed Printing
  • 35 mm³/s Extrusion Flow.
  • S-Smoothing Algorithm
  • High-Speed Performer

AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer is not just the best 3D printer to buy in 2023, but also a testament to quality and durability. Crafted with top-tier materials, including a die-cast aluminum alloy base and premium belt material, it's built to withstand the test of time. When precision is paramount, the M5C delivers. With a 50μm resolution in Precision Mode, you can craft intricate, detailed models that exceed your expectations.


Mingda Magician X2


  • Smart Auto Leveling.
  • Super Easy to Assemble
  • Dual Lead Screw
  • Multi-Connection Options

Mingda Magician X2 is another top-rated 3D printer that comes equipped with a PEI platform featuring a special coating and spring steel sheet. This ensures excellent adhesion and prevents the warping of your models. Printing with flexible filaments? No problem. The double gears direct extruder provides strong pushing force, resulting in stable and accurate prints. Besides, this cutting-edge FDM 3D printer is as limitless in design as it is in magic.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best 3D Printer

As there are so many 3D printers on the market, you need to choose the best 3D printer that aligns with your specific requirements, whether you're a hobbyist, professional, or enthusiast looking to explore the exciting world of 3D printing. Here's an in-depth look at what to consider when selecting the best 3D printer to buy for your specific needs.

  1. Printer Type:The two primary types are Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA). FDM printers are more common, cost-effective, and user-friendly, while SLA printers offer higher precision and smoother prints.
  2. Print Quality:Evaluate a printer's maximum resolution, typically measured in microns. Lower micron values indicate higher precision and smoother prints.
  3. Build Volume:Consider the maximum size of objects the printer can create. Ensure it aligns with your project requirements.
  4. Materials Compatibility:Check which types of filament or resin the printer supports. Some printers are versatile, while others are specific to certain materials.
  5. Ease of Use:Assess your experience level and look for user-friendly features like auto-leveling, touchscreen interfaces, and easy filament or resin loading.
  6. Speed and Efficiency:Understand the printer's printing speed. Faster printing may sacrifice quality, so find a balance that suits your needs.
  7. Software and Connectivity:Ensure the printer's software is compatible with your computer and user-friendly. Wi-Fi or USB connectivity can be convenient.
  8. Price and Budget:Set a budget and stick to it. Be aware that additional costs like maintenance, accessories, and materials can add up over time.
  9. Safety Features:Look for safety features like automatic shutdown, filament run-out detection, and enclosed printing chambers, especially if you have children or pets.
  10. Reviews and Recommendations:Read user reviews and seek recommendations from experts or peers with experience using the printer models you're considering.
  11. 1Warranty and Reliability:Check the warranty terms and assess the printer's reliability based on user feedback and reviews.


In conclusion, this guide has brought you an array of machines that cater to your diverse needs, from those of beginners taking their first steps in the domain to professionals seeking unparalleled precision and speed. Whether you prioritize detail, connectivity, or affordability, there's a printer out there tailored for you.

Remember, your choice can elevate your projects and streamline your workflow. Explore user reviews, seek expert advice, and delve into the specs before making an informed decision tailored to your needs and preferences.


How much is a good quality 3D printer?

A good quality 3D printer typically ranges from US$300 to US$1,500, depending on factors like brand, features, and build quality. For enthusiasts and hobbyists, mid-range options around US$500 to US$800 often offer an excellent balance between affordability and performance, while professionals may opt for higher-end models closer to US$1,000 or more for precision and advanced features.

What is the average lifespan of a 3D printer?

The average lifespan of a 3D printer is around 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance and occasional upgrades. However, this can vary significantly based on usage, build quality, and the level of wear and tear. Regular maintenance can extend a printer's lifespan.

What materials should I use to print with?

For beginners, start with PLA filament, which is user-friendly, versatile, and suitable for various projects. As you gain experience, explore materials like ABS for durability, PETG for strength and flexibility, or specialized filaments for unique properties. Always check your 3D printer's compatibility with your chosen materials.