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AnkerMake Studio: Our Commitment to a More Convenient Printing Experience

  • 2 min read
Hey AnkerMake Fans,

After six months of alpha testing, we have nearly completed the migration of the AnkerMake Slicer from Cura to Prusa, and we are ready to introduce the beta version of our AnkerMake Studio slicing software.

We have decided to release the AnkerMake Studio in advance, and we'd love to get your feedback to help us make it even better. In the near future, we will be launching more stable and feature-rich versions, so please stay tuned.

With AnkerMake Studio (Beta), you can now experience the following features:
  1. Slicing capabilities based on the Prusa engine, including rich and powerful tools like manual support, modifiers, and more.
  2. System-tested presets for M5 and M5C, easily accessible in a user-friendly interface.
  3. Remote control for M5 and M5C, including printer control, real-time progress monitoring, and livestreaming.

How to Experience:

We have made the Mac and Windows versions available for download from our official website's software page( If you encounter any issues or have suggestions during your experience, leave a message on our Discord channel or submit your feedback by clicking Help > Feedback in AnkerMake Studio's top menu bar.

Future Plans:

  1. AnkerMake (Cura version) will officially cease updates. You can upgrade to AnkerMake Studio (Prusa version), or if you wish to continue using the Cura version, you can download AnkerMake (Cura version) from the software page on our official website.
  2. AnkerMake Studio will continue to be updated based on Prusa, including features related to multi-color slicing.
  3. The version compilation process will be uploaded to GitHub after the stable version is released.
We welcome feedback from all of you as we continue to work on providing a more convenient and user-friendly slicing experience.

Keep Making,
The AnkerMake Team