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Empowering Creativity: Welcome to the AnkerMake 3D Model Platform!

  • 2 min read

Hey there fellow makers,

We're thrilled to announce the official launch of our 3D model creation platform at! After a long period of development, we can't wait for you to jump in.

Version 1.0 introduces an array of exciting features aimed at meeting your 3D model needs with ease and precision. Let's take a look at what this version brings to the table:

 ankermake make it real


Model Search Engine

We've compiled data from over 10 websites, comprising hundreds of thousands of model entries. You can access it through, making it effortless to find what you're looking for. In the coming days, we will continuously expand our model database to ensure your search experience gets even smoother. Stay tuned for these updates!


Official Model Library

Curated by the AnkerMake designers, our library hosts an exclusive collection of high-quality models. Crafted with intricate detail, these models are easy to print and cater to a diverse range of preferences. The library is constantly growing, and we're eager to hear your thoughts on which types of models interest you the most. Share your ideas with us via our Discord community at


Coming Soon: Intelligent Tech Edition

In this iteration, we will introduce a variety of user-friendly modeling tools that you can use to harness our cutting-edge technology. These tools will empower you to effortlessly customize and generate any model you can imagine. While we're keeping the specifics under wraps for now, we think you'll be truly excited by what we've got in store.


Unveiling More Possibilities

But wait, there's more! The upcoming version 2.0 will introduce a user upload feature, providing you with a platform to showcase the models you've designed and printed. This opens up avenues for engaging with like-minded creators, sharing insights, discussing models, and exchanging valuable printing knowledge within the community.

Join us on the incredible journey ahead as we empower you with the tools you need to bring your ideas to life. Let the creativity flow!

Start using our 3D model platform today, and feel free to reach out to us at to share your thoughts. We value your insights as we strive to continually enhance our services for all of you.


Keep Making,

The Ankermake Team