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V6 Surpasses Our Speed Expectations

  • 3 min read

V6 Surpasses Our Speed Expectations

HeyKickstarter backers,

It's our first update in 4 months on AnkerMake V6. We do feel bad holdingout on you, but we're proud of the hard work we've achieved, thanks to you! Let's take a look at the progress.

Whoa, That's Fast!

Look, we understand the frustration of waiting days for prints. So, we used your suggestions to boost the speed on V6 even more, and the results turnedout better than we could imagine. More time saved, less material used.

If you want the nitty gritty, V6 was designed to support fast printing with M5 at 100 mm/s. That is faster than other3D printers, but look, we knew we could do better.

So, we experimented and experimented (lots of late nights 😪) and discovered our breakthrough—switching between colors.

If your print has 6 colors in one layer, it can take 3 to 6 minutes to switch between colors. Multiply that by 1,000 layers (200 mm high), and that's 50 to 100 hours! Luckily, our re-targeting turned V6 into a time-saving machine.

So, we're proud that our 3rd V6 prototype can now:

  1. Print at 150 mm/s.
  2. Save more time and materials when printing with more colors.
      Let's take a look atour latest V6 prototype experiment:

      We're impressed with the results, and we hope that you are, too!

      Time for aReintroduction 

      High-SpeedMulti-Color Printing

      Put the afterburners on your3D printing with V6 and achieve150 mm/s thanks to M5Powerboost. With the all-new Multi-Color Material Management, you'll see your efficiency improved.

      Multiple Colors, Multiple Materials

      6 different colors, that's all good. But we're ensuring that you can print with different materials at the same time, even if different printing temperatures are required. And that includes water-soluble materials like PVA, so there are no limitations on your creativity.


      No Purge Tower Needed

      Preserve your filaments with the all-new Multi Color Material Management. It's less waste to protect your wallet.

      Intelligent Filament Management

      • Monitor and control your 3D printing from anywhere in real time via the AnkerMake App and Slicer.
      • Know instantly when it's time to switch filaments or set it to switch to the next spool automatically.
      • Print parameters are automatically matched according to filament information.
      • Get live filament temperature and humidity readings to ensure your print stays on track.

      V6 Changes

      Price Adjustment

      Because of the upgrades to the V6 hardware and structure, wehad to reevaluate the price of V6.Our team is working hard to finalize the cost based on the latest prototype. When we determine the price, we'll let you know in a future update. Just know, we want to keep V6 within your budget!

      And Kickstarter backers, don't worry. You aren't affected by the price change, and we appreciate your suggestions to improve V6.


      Shipping Will Be Delayed 4 Months

      We had originally planned to ship V6 in January 2023, but our changes require more time for technical evaluations and software development. We now expect to ship V6 in May 2023. We will continue updating you on our progress, and we hope you're as eager as we are about the arrival of V6!

      Here's what we've accomplished so far and the timeline for the launch of V6.

      We do understand that 4 months is a long time to wait. If you no longer want V6, we will offer you a refund. Just email us at


      Auto-Heating Feature Removed

      After evaluating, we discovered the auto-heating feature did not meet our standards. It did not significantly reduce moisture in the filament, and in fact, raised energy consumption. So, because it won't benefit you, we decided to remove it. We hope you understand our decision.


      That's All for Now

      We don't want to end on a sour note. We are excited about what's coming, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on V6! For now, we're going to get back to the lab.

      Keep making,


      The AnkerMake Team